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Since 2013, Ad2iction grew from a 3-person team to a team of 75 members with 6 AdTech content creation brands. Ad2iction specializes in the development of data technology tools and creative advertising technology. In 2020, it formed an alliance with the TNL Media Group to become the first data-driven media technology group in Taiwan. Our team members bear diverse professional skills and each with unique expertise, sharing a common passion for innovative data technology and digital marketing. The team culture of diversity, integration and co-creation is the fuel that drives the team forward. Co-founder Edward Hsu firmly believes that "media companies are good at creating attractive content, while technology companies focus on improving things!" Ad2iction can improve marketing methods through MarTech development.

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Getting To Know Ad2iction With Numbers

A first-party data platform with 18 million users and 100 million digital browsing footprints, controlling audience behavior in the Cookieless era
18 M
Creative advertising management platform with 700 creative advertisements launched in 2021 and more than 40 advertising modules developed
700 ads
Ad2 mobile advertising network with over 99.7% population coverage in Taiwan
99.7 %
An entertainment content platform with more than 1.5 million viewer per month
1.5 M/ per month


  • Joined the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)
  • The first sound advertising platform【Audition】
  • Developed 3D advertising module【3Dimension】
  • Certified by Dun & Bradstreet
  • Popular MarTech companies recommended by job search platform-Yourator
  • Imported the TTD Unified ID 2.0 solution
  • Annual Outstanding Data Services Company
  • The 19th Taiwan Quality Assurance Awards
  • Best Data Technology Innovation Award Finalist
  • Brain Magazine Best 5 Best Excellent Mobile Cases 2021
  • “Ohsowow” K-pop entertainment content website launched
  • “ShareParty” Market research app launched
  • “DMC” Data Marketing Consulting Team established
  • Completed the self-built first-party data platform
  • AccuHit’s AccuCDP and Ad2iction DSP data concatenation
  • Cooperated with AccuHit to co-maintenance of LINE OA
  • GroupM established the EM2 deparrtment using Ad2iction’s SaaS service
  • Cooperated with P-Ads (PRESCO platform) to provide SasS services such as DSP ad delivery
  • Join AMT(Asia-Pacific MarTech Transformation Alliance Association)
  • The creative advertising management platform officially named Cr.ED as a SaaS service
  • Strategic alliance with TNL Media Group became the first data services company to combine advertising technology with content media
  • Brain Magazine Best 8 Best Excellent Mobile Cases 2020
  • Annual Outstanding Mobile Marketing Agency - Bronze
  • DSA Best Digital Advertising Creative Marketing Awards - Finalist
  • Annual Outstanding Design Awards-Innovative User Experience - Bronze
  • Annual Outstanding Creative Media Awards - Bronze
  • Annual Outstanding Mobile Marketing Agency Operator - Bronze
  • Brain Magazine 10 Best Excellent Mobile Cases 2019
  • Developed animation advertising platform “Motion”
  • APAC AWARDS Best Use of Mobile Gold
  • First bottom interactive advertising platform “Rotation”.
  • Brain Magazine 10 Best Excellent Mobile Cases 2018
  • Annual Outstanding Innovative User Experience Awards - Silver
  • Annual Outstanding App Award - Bronze
  • Annual Outstanding Community Management Team - Bronze
  • Annual Outstanding Mobile Marketing Agency - Bronze
  • Movie and Drama Entertainment Content Website “Agent Movie” is online
  • Broke the traditional framework with PTT APP “PttCowba”
  • Develop a creative advertising management platform
  • Annual Outstanding Native Ad - Bronze
  • Annual Outstanding Mobile Marketing Agency - Bronze
  • 4A Outstanding Award for Best Display Ad
  • Taiwan Annual Best Agency for User Interface - Gold
  • APP “Agent Movie” online, a large Marvel's Doctor Strange co-brand interactive installation
  • Co-created the weather APP "Taiwan Super Weather" with users, and received millions of downloads
  • Annual Outstanding Mobile Web Awards - Silver
  • Annual Outstanding Mobile Marketing Agency - Silver
  • Taiwan Annual Best Design Agency - Interactive Design Awards
  • Taiwan Annual Best Design Agency - Interactive Design Awards
  • Set up Ad2 mobile network, self-build DSP/SSP advertising platform
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