How to turn Martech into the fuel for creativity? Cr.ED: modular planning to solve extensive advertising demands

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In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, creativity is valuable. It takes planning, designing, production, and execution along with teamwork to build a product from scratch. Though it seems like a dreadful and long process, Ad2iction’s creative team fulfills the digital creative demands for top agency in the industries, averaging 2 digital advertisements a day, by not simply investing in more manpower, but using MarTech (marketing technology) to improve the creative work methods.

Why can creativity be modularized?

A successful creation can be reused as a template, and be turned into a form that is conducive to dissemination and promotion. For example, “memes” are one of the most viral formats for information dissemination on the Internet nowadays, like Woman Yelling at a Cat, Drake No/Yes. Those simple graphics with minimal texts bring attention to their audience because of their conciseness and, often, humor. Another example would be the camera filters on apps such as Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, etc.. Those seemingly diverse UGC features were all built based on a shared base template that uses a code-free interface as a content-creating platform for creators. Similarly, Cr.ED provides the same to the world of digital advertising.

Cr.ED: The Platform For Creative Management

Cr.ED is a MarTech tool developed by Ad2iction and has a creative management platform that extends creativity to advertising and marketing. By uploading design materials, creative and interactive digital ads can be produced through simple steps of settings, and placed on DSP platforms such as Google, TTD, Verizon, etc. Users need no background in any programming or high technical knowledge, allowing them to focus solely on the creativity side of branding and marketing promotion.

Since its development in 2013, Cr.ED has become a new SaaS business model, which values the long-term commitment to the advertising experience of users and the service experience of advertisers. Cr.ED believes that creative advertising not only conveys its brand messages through visual communication but also deepens the brand impression through actual interactive experiences of users. Through the study of user behavior in human-computer interaction, including visual movement, and gesture operation, we meet their psychological satisfaction by using interactive experiences as the basis for creative modules and recreating popular games such as scratch-offs, polls, catch ,fingerprint scan and 40+ others that allow up to more than 100 creative formats. They can be practically applied to various industries, products, and marketing campaigns. In fact, in 2021, it has assisted advertisers launch around 1,000 advertising campaigns and more than 300 million views.

Create a “ Explosion-Pitcher ” module : Mona Lisa

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The Key to Brand Growth: Creative Modules & Interactive Data

Creativity itself can be abstract and subjective, however, it is the source to fulfill people’s curiosity when it comes to branding, and it reflects how they explore the Internet. As AdTech develops, creativity will be portrayed as interactive features in the digital world.

In addition to building creative modules, Cr.ED also collects detailed interactive data to provide insights and analysis of viewing behavior, click behavior, interactive engagement rate, etc., for a better understanding of the correlation between advertising creativity and user behavior. After finding the key points of brand advertising that attract consumers through creative modules to increase consumers’ participation in brand advertising and interactive data, Cr.ED’s ultimate goal is to promote brand growth through positive user experiences.

Cr.ED Builds Brands

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